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2022 MN Green Path Building Conference

Total Credits: 3 including 3 Minnesota Residential Building Contractor, 3 Minnesota Building Official, 3 Minnesota Real Estate Credit



This year's ninth annual Green Path Building Conference features, Rick Cobbs with The Energy Network WW, Patrick Huelman with the University of Minnesota, Michael Anschel with OA Design + Build, and Dominique Boczek Caldwell with ICF/High Efficiency New Homes Program. 

Discover the latest in green building and learn about the latest energy efficient building techniques. Learn, earn continuing education credits, and be invigorated and inspired!

Conference Schedule:

8:30am - Welcome and Update on Minnesota's Green Path
8:45am - Update on Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy Utility Rebates
9:00am - Get Ready for Changes to the 45L Tax Credit*
10:00am - The Awesome Wall: A Better Way to Build* 
11:00am - The Road to Net-Zero Energy Homes*

*Earn up to three hours of continuing education credits for Minnesota residential contractors and remodelers including Energy training, and up to three continuing education credits for Minnesota REALTORS by completing these sessions. 


Special thanks to our sponsors:

Credit Info

Each session has been approved for one hour of MN residential contractor, remodeler, and building official continuing education by the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, including the required energy credit, and one hour of MN realtor continuing education by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

If you are eligible to receive continuing education credits, your information will be electronically reported to the appropriate agency within 7 business days of course completion.

Live Virtual Webinar Course Requirements

In order to receive continuing education credits for live webinar courses, students need to use a computer or smart phone/tablet with a camera and microphone and be visible during the entire course (Zoom Meetings is used). The student's full name must be displayed so the student can be identified. Only one student per computer/device. The student should be prepared to show their driver’s license or other legal identification with their photo if requested.

In order to earn CE credit(s) for live virtual webinar courses, students must attend the entire course during the time span(s) listed. Credit(s) will not be issued for the following:

  • Non-attendance
  • Arriving more than 5 minutes after a course has begun
  • Leaving before completion of the course
  • Leaving the classroom for more than 5 minutes during a course hour
  • Non-payment of the course

To test your audio/video set-up on the device you will be using for the Live Webinar, click this link on Zoom’s website to join a Test Meeting. Follow the prompts to verify you have the required capabilities -

Questions and Comments

Questions and comments related to the curriculum for this conference may be submitted to the instructor at



Dominique Boczek Caldwell's Profile

Dominique Boczek Caldwell Related Seminars and Products

Program Manager

ICF/High Efficiency New Homes Program

Dominique is the Program Manager for the Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy High Efficiency New Homes Program, which she has worked on for nearly six years. She studied Residential Building Science at the University of Minnesota and earned her master’s degree in sustainable management from the University of Wisconsin. She is passionate about green building and energy efficiency and loves learning about smart home technology and overall sustainability. 

Rick Cobbs's Profile

Rick Cobbs Related Seminars and Products

Director of Production Services

The Energy Network WW

Rick Cobbs is a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater and Director of Operations for The Energy Network Worldwide (TENww). He has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry specifically on the building envelope side. Before working at TENww, Rick managed a local branch for a regional company installing insulation, waterproofing and gypsum underlayment. He has a BS degree from the University of Minnesota in Construction Management.

Michael Anschel's Profile

Michael Anschel Related Seminars and Products


OA Design + Build

Michael Anschel is a nationally recognized expert on Green design, remodeling and building, writes, trains, and speaks for various publications and events around the world. His building assemblies have been published in numerous publications including the US Department of Energy. He is the owner of OA Design-Build, an award winning nationally celebrated design-build firm, and CEO of Verified Green Inc. which consults with Local Government, product manufacturers, suppliers, builders, and architects on Green building. Michael successfully straddles the building, design, and green worlds by engineering profitability into sustainability. 

Patrick Huelman's Profile

Patrick Huelman Related Seminars and Products

Associate Extension Professor

University of Minnesota

Pat serves as the Coordinator of the Cold Climate Housing Program with the University of Minnesota Extension. This program is focused on the advancement of performance-built homes through education of the building industry, development and dissemination of information on new technologies and practices, and a critical investigation of housing design and construction innovations. In addition, Pat is Project Manager for the Cloquet Residential Research Facility for hygrothermal testing. He is extremely active in professional education for the home building industry and have been recognized for his “systems approach” to improving overall housing performance, with a focus on energy efficiency, long-term durability, good indoor air quality, and environmental responsibility.

Conference Schedule

Thursday, November 10, 2022:

  • 8:30am - Welcome and Update on Minnesota's Green Path
  • 8:45am - Update on Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy Utility Rebates (Dominique Boczek Caldwell ICF/High Efficiency New Homes Program)
  • 9:00am - Get Ready for Changes to the 45L Tax Credit (Rick Cobbs, The Energy Network WW)
  • 10:00am - The Awesome Wall: A Better Way to Build (Michael Anschel, OA Design + Build)
  • 11:00am - The Road to Net-Zero Energy Homes (Patrick Huelman, University of Minnesota)

Session Outlines

Get Ready for Changes to the 45L Tax Credit – Session Outline

  • Introduction
  • History of the federal 45L Tax credit and changes coming for homes sold in 2023
  • EnergyStar Overview and Key Items
  • National Program Requirements
  • Water Management System Builder Checklist
  • National HVAC Design Report
  • National HVAC Commissioning Checklist
  • National Rater Field Checklist
  • Next Steps
  • Questions

The Awesome Wall: A Better Way to Build – Session Outline

  • Overview of traditional wall, control layers, and a few examples of other wall types
  • Step by step walk through of the Awesome Wall, control layers identification, explanation of how each layer works in concert
  • Methods of attachment for each layer, and important do’s and don’ts. Details on flashing components. Details on foundation to above grade wall. Details on deck attachment
  • Performance data modeling, testing, user experience, observations, and final thoughts

The Road to Net Zero Energy Homes – Session Outline

  • Intro to the Power of Zero
  • Pathways to High-Performance Homes
    • Comparing MN Code, Energy Star, ZERH, BCP, NZE
  • DOE Zero Energy Ready Home
    • Business Case
    • Program Specifications
  • Keys to Successful Net Zero Energy Homes Today                                                                
    • Key Challenges
    • Current Successes
  • Q & A

Session Learner Outcomes

Get Ready for Changes to the 45L Tax Credit – Session Learner Outcomes

Students completing this session will learn:

  • The key parties and documents in the EnergyStar program and what their next steps should be.
  • EnergyStar is not a code requirement and if there is a conflict between requirements and code, code must be followed.
  • Why proper HVAC design and commissioning is important for energy efficiency, comfort, and durability and why it is required by EnergyStar.
  • The different insulation grades and why proper installation of insulation is important.
  • Options for reduced thermal bridging by EnergyStar.
  • Air-sealing requirements and why air sealing it is important.
  • Next steps for Zero Energy Ready Certification

The Awesome Wall: A Better Way to Build – Session Learner Outcomes

Students completing this session will learn:

  • Understand the role and placement of each control layer in the assembly (vapor, air, thermal, water)
  • Recognize the method of assembly and attachment to the home and of individual parts
  • Identify ventilation and flashing strategy.
  • Effectively understand the challenges and risks involved and how to minimize them
  • Learn the value of redundancies

The Road to Net Zero Energy Homes – Session Learner Outcomes

Students completing this session will learn:

  • Gain familiarity with the concepts and definitions for high-performance, net zero energy homes
  • Recognize important building science principles and approaches for robust high-performance homes
  • Be able to apply these principles to building enclosure designs and mechanical system strategies
  • Recognize key building technology and equipment to achieve net zero energy for this market